Change your life, love yourself!

My name is Lizzie Bailey, and I want you to learn to love your body. As a society, we’ve spent far too long in distress, shame and misery about our appearances, and it’s got to stop. We need to learn to look in the mirror and feel proud of what we see there, and not be filled with self hatred, creating a shopping list of things we’d like to change about ourselves.

I’ve done it - going from a self destructive struggle with mental illness to learning to love everything about my body - and you can do it too.

lookPositive is here to help you - we’re here for you, 7 days a week to help you learn to love yourself just the way you are, and we’ve got so many things to help you do it. Whether you take part on one of our interactive, body loving workshop, or just engage with our Facebook posts full of helpful tips on body positivity, there’s so much we have to offer to help you love yourself the way you are.

So join with me, embrace who you are and how you look, and change your life by learning to love yourself. Start here by reading my journey of body positivity.

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